Time's running out! Get a 1-year Sam's Club membership with auto-renew for just $25

Feb 29

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Before getting my own membership, my experience with Sam's Club was as an enthusiastic ride-along with friends and family who invited me whenever they went. Eventually, most of my Sam's Club chaperones would switch to mostly shopping online, so it was time to get my own membership, and I was lucky enough to start searching right when there was a pretty solid deal for new members to get a one-year Sam's Club Membership for $25. It had auto-renew, but I figured I'd cancel before it charged me the full $50 for the membership unless it was really worth it. 

Redeeming my membership 

Buying a Sam's Club Membership from a site that wasn't Sam's Club felt a little weird at first, but the redemption process was so easy, and it did end on the actual Sam's Club site. Here's how it went for me: 

1. Make my purchase.

2. Get an email with steps, a link, and a code for me to redeem my membership. 

3. Go to the Sam's Club website and enter my code at checkout to get my Membership for free (because I already paid for it here)

4. I had to enter some personal information like my address and phone number, but it wasn't anything I hadn't entered on a dozen other membership accounts.

5. Enter credit card information for the auto-renew. I checked after, and there weren't any additional charges to my account. 

6. Click on "Start Membership." 

7. Shop: online or in-person at a Sam's Club warehouse

There are options to get a physical Sam's Club card, but I didn't do that. The Sam's Club app lets you pull up a digital version of your card, which is a lot easier for me. You can pull it up in the app, or you can take a quick screenshot of it!

Shopping at Sam's Club

I'd been to Sam's Club before, but it had never been with my own membership. While tagging along with friends or family, I'd always been shopping on someone else's schedule, so I never had time to just meander around the store and see everything there was to see. 

The first time I went on my own, I found myself drifting through aisles of bulk snacks, office supplies, furniture, medicine, and on back to the grocery section. That's also how I found out that some locations do free samples of tasty food. I had some kind of barbecue shredded pork, and it honestly would have made the trip worth it on its own!

That first trip was also when I had a chance to look through the selection of clothes Sa's Club had available. There weren't a ton of options, but they had some functional shoes and great prices on jeans and sweaters, and I bought a pair of giant fluffy slippers. This was all in sight of the snack aisle, which explains why most of my shopping experience was done while carting around a barrel of pretzels.

Visiting Sam's in person also meant finding out just how many other errand trips I could consolidate into one place. It's not just that if I needed socks on the same day I needed 20 mangos, I could visit one store. My location also had a pharmacy where I could get my meds dropped off. Outside, there was a Sam's Club gas station, and I filled my car up on the way out instead of needing to make yet another stop on the way home. So many little time-consuming tasks just aren't as much of an issue anymore, and that really adds up. 

The in-person selection is vast, but that's not the only way to shop at Sam's Club. When I got home, I decided to explore the Sam's Club catalog online, and there was just as much to choose from. They had selections of groceries, furniture, quality appliances, and I could get a lot of them delivered directly to my home. What couldn't be delivered straight to me could be shipped to a Sam's Club Warehouse. 

That's also how I found out that Sam's offers members deals for travel, including car rentals, hotels, and full vacation packages. I haven't taken advantage of the deal for a four-day pass to Disneyland yet, but knowing Sam's Club doubles as my travel agent along with my grocery store, pharmacy, and gas station certainly inspires some confidence in the deal. 

Is a membership worth it?

Yes, absolutely. Sam's Club isn't just for one type of shopper. When I didn't have my own membership, I mostly took advantage of the bulk options at Sam's Club, but the selection of produce, home appliances, electronics, and everyday essentials was fantastic, too. 

While I may have gone into getting this membership with the intention of canceling it before it automatically renewed, I'm going to stick with it. I've already cut down on trips to other stores because I can pick up my groceries, medicine, and get gas all at the same Sam's Club warehouse. And if I travel, there are warehouses all over the country. That's not to mention how much is available online. 

If you're looking for a one-stop shopping option that may have a selection of bulk goods, delicious foods, and great prices on everyday essentials, you can still get a Sam's Club One-Year Membership with Auto-Renew for only $25!

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