You can learn a new, unique language with this ASL bundle, now $16 for life

Feb 27

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I can’t be the only person who’s ever watched the State of the Union or practically any other live music event who can’t help but notice one of, if not the most, important person in the room (aside from the speaker and singer, of course): the sign language interpreters.

I’ve always been fascinated by sign language and found myself observing sign language interpreters during all sorts of events. It’s an incredibly powerful act, signing and opening a world of understanding for people who don’t rely on spoken language like I do, so I’ve always been curious about learning more about sign language and its history.

Fortunately, a very timely opportunity came up that allowed me to jump into learning sign language (ASL, specifically!). While I don’t personally have friends or family that lean on sign language for daily communication, I do think it’s an incredibly valuable skill to have, especially when you consider the fact that ASL is the third-most spoken language in the U.S. after English and Spanish. Learning ASL, even just basic signing, could be helpful in so many situations!

Learn ASL history, fundamentals, and more

Like any spoken language, sign language isn’t easy to master right away, so I set my goal to learn basic ASL. Think signing numbers, colors, speaking simple sentences, etc. The method I used to set about my sign language learning? The All-in-One American Sign Language Bundle, which is available for only $16 when you use code ENJOY20!

This ASL bundle really is all-in-one, too, which is easy to see just by skimming through its course offerings and lesson descriptions. I was pleasantly surprised at how vast its beginner-level courses were, and I loved how the introductory course starts with a history of deaf and hard of hearing education. It’s always helpful for me to know the context of something that I’m learning.

What I most appreciated about this all-inclusive bundle was its short, easy-to-watch lessons on signing the most basic elements, like the alphabet, numbers, and verbs. They didn’t surpass 15 minutes, making it super easy to squeeze in ASL learning even when I was busy. The short, bite-sized lessons were also super engaging, which helped me stay motivated to keep learning!

The instructor, Manny Martin, was extremely knowledgeable and thorough in his explanations, particularly in the American Sign Language - Beginner course. Something that really stuck with me at the beginning was Martin saying that every ASL sign has a specific purpose behind it, whether it’s the form of a symbol or day of the week. The teacher’s additional explanations made it easier to (attempt!) perfect signing form even when it was tough for me to remember them at times.

ASL skills that can translate in the office

I honestly thought the first instructor would be the one to carry me through all the courses and lessons, so I was happy to see that there were other instructors to engage with in the following courses. And while Martin was a great introductory teacher, I really appreciated that someone who deeply relies on ASL for daily communication was teaching the next course, American Sign Language for Business - Beginner. 

Charlie Rich teaches this business-centered ASL course, and Rich’s signing was accompanied by a speaking interpreter, Betsy Rich. I originally was going to wait to take this course towards the end since I didn’t think it was super relevant for me, but I’m glad I just went in order! Charlie was fun to learn from, and I got even more insight into how much your communication in ASL relies on your body language, too. 

In the Facial Expressions lessons, I found that questions like “Who?” and “Can I help you?” are not only asked through actual signing but also from the position of the signer’s eyebrows. It was amazing to discover the physicality of ASL, which is, of course, present in spoken language. This ASL course taught me a lot of vocabulary and phrases that would be beneficial in almost any professional setting, and I highly recommend jumping into this course for anyone looking to learn ASL as part of their professional development.

The verdict? This bundle makes learning ASL easy and exciting

While I’ve only gotten through two of the courses in this ASL bundle, I’m feeling pretty confident about my ASL learning progress. I feel comfortable with the elementary signs I’ve learned in the first two courses, and I think I have a great foundation for learning more intermediate and (hopefully!) more advanced ASL conversational skills in the future.

Not only that, I received a certificate of completion for both courses. I might add them to my LinkedIn profile or resume if I'm ever back on the job market.

The only downside of learning ASL online is that there isn’t human interaction (which, of course, somewhat defeats the point of online learning!). I think the only thing I’d like out of this bundle is partial access to a live instructor for asking additional questions and practice. I don’t know anyone I could practice my learning with, and it would be helpful to apply what I’m learning in this bundle to real life.

Overall, I think these video lessons are a great way to dive into learning ASL, especially as a complete beginner. The courses and lessons are divided up in a way that makes it easy to stay motivated to learn while still being deeply informative.

And since this bundle's courses are available for life, you can learn ASL at your own pace and revisit lessons if needed! Learning ASL is no easy feat, and having unlimited time to grasp this new language is incredibly valuable.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn ASL (like me!), you should snag this All-in-One American Sign Language Bundle, especially since it’s now on sale for just $15.99 when you use coupon code ENJOY20 till March 10 at 11:59 PST.

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You can learn a new, unique language with this ASL bundle, now $16 for lifeYou can learn a new, unique language with this ASL bundle, now $16 for life

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