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  • Course Introduction & How to Take this Course
    Course Introduction (Are You Ready to Save, Make & Protect Your Money?)5:58
    How to Take this Course (and Using Your “Complete Personal Finance Dashboard”)11:50
  • Part 1 of 3: Save [MORE] Money & Making Your Money Work For You!
    Introduction to Saving [MORE] Money & The INCREDIBLE Power of Compound Interest20:14
    Exercise #1: Time Value of Money (Small Changes Lead to Fortunes Later in Life!)1:08
    Answers to Exercise #1, Question s 1 through 7: Time Value of Money16:47
    Answers to Exercise #1, Question s 8 through 10: Time Value of Money6:28
    [Optional] Side Note: Get Free Daily Helpful Business & Career Development Videos
  • Save by Calculating Where Your Cash is Going: Your CURRENT Income Statement
    What is a Personal Income Statement and Why is this Very Important?2:04
    Exercise #2: Money In & Money Out: Creating Your CURRENT Income Statement5:56
    Discussion of Your Answers to Exercise #21:12
  • More than 100 Ways to Save MUCH More:Creating Your NEW+IMPROVED Income Statement
    Introduction to Completing Your NEW & IMPROVED Income Statement6:16
    Save on Taxes: 14 Ways to Save More on Taxes16:50
    Save on Car & Transportation: 13 Ways to Save More on Car or Transportation Expenses14:17
    Save on Child or Child Care: 5 Ways to Save More on Child or Child Care Expenses8:36
    Save on Communications Computer: 6 Ways to Save More on Phone Computer Expenses5:45
    Save on Debt Payments: 7 Ways to Save More on Debt Expenses5:58
    Save on Education: 4 Ways to Save More on Education Expenses2:21
    Save on Entertainment: 7 Ways to Save More on Entertainment Expenses5:23
    Save on Fees [Many are Hidden]: 6 Ways to Save More on Fees Expenses6:57
    Save on Food & Drinks: 13 Ways to Save More on Food & Drinks Expenses9:31
    Save on Gifts & Donations: 4 Ways to Save More on Gifts & Donation Expenses4:07
    Save on Health Fitness Life Insurance: 4 Ways to Save More on Health Expenses3:09
    Save on Housing: 10 Ways to Save More on Housing Expenses11:10
    Save on Personal Care: 5 Ways to Save More on Personal Care Expenses5:45
    Save on Pets: 5 Ways to Save More on Pet Related Expenses1:42
    Save on Shopping: 16 Ways to Save More on Shopping Expenses12:26
    Save on Vacation: 5 Ways to Save More on Vacation Expenses3:05
    Save on Other Expenses: 8 Ways to Save More on Other Expenses7:51
    Exercise #3: Creating Your NEW & IMPROVED Income Statement2:03
    Exercise #4: Analyzing Your CURRENT and New+IMPROVED Income Statement5:46
    Exercise #5: Save Money Meeting1:42
    Exercise #6: Save Money Checklist2:52
  • Changing Your Perception of Saving Money + Saving Money and Your Kids
    Changing Your Perception of Money13:48
    Saving Money & Your Kids8:29
  • Part 2 of 3: Protect [MORE] Money (Many Ways to Protect Your Money)
    Intro. to Protecting Your Money: The What, Why & How of Part 2 of the Course3:38
    Protect Your Money by Understanding Your Net Worth (Your “Balance Sheet”)4:10
    Exercise #7: Creating & Understanding Your Balance Sheet (“What You Own and What You Owe”)5:41
    Exercise #8: Analyzing Your Balance Sheet4:15
    Exercise #9: Analyzing Your Balance Sheet AND Your Income Statement Together4:52
    Side Note: Should You Hire a Financial Advisor to Help Protect Your Money?5:23
  • Protect Your Money with These Tax Strategies
    Keep All Receipts + Consider Hiring an Accountant (They’re GREAT Investments!)10:35
    How Taxes+Retirement Accounts Work & Why We Need to Minimize How Much Tax We Pay17:56
    Exercise #10: How Much Do You Need to Retire?6:09
    Tax Incentives Help You Save BIG TIME for Education_School Expenses3:42
    Exercise #11: How Much Do You Need for Education Expenses?1:04
    Other Potential Company Sponsored Tax Savings Plans1:34
    Exercise #12: Pay Less Tax Strategies1:15
  • Protect $ by Having an Organized Filing System, Tracking Bills & More
    Exercise #13: A Simple & Effective Money, Taxes, Receipts and Statements Filing System18:01
    Websites & Apps to Help You Track and Manage Your Spending6:12
    Quicken on a PC to Manage Your Money8:37
    Quicken on a Mac to Manage Your Money6:49
  • Protect Your Money by Creating a Budget & Picking the Right Bank
    Introduction to Protecting Your Money by Making a Monthly Budget2:22
    Exercise #14: Budget Planning4:31
    Is Your $ Safe? Are Your Getting Ripped off on Fees? Should You Switch Banks8:25
    Exercise #15; Is Your Money Safe? Protect Your Money by Using the Right Bank6:15
  • Protect Your Family with Wills & Trusts and Accessing & Fixing Your Credit Score
    Wills and Trusts5:15
    Viewing, Understanding and Fixing Your Credit Score_Rating (So You Can Get a Loan or Mortgage)10:32
  • Protect Your Family and Your Assets with Insurance Products
    Introduction to Insurance10:04
    Life Insurance6:09
    Auto Insurance2:26
    Home and Property Insurance4:45
    Health Insurance1:31
    Side Note: Protect Your Money by Preventing Identity Theft9:19
  • Protecting Your Money, Credit Cards, Loans and Leases
    Credit Cards6:52
  • Profiles of Successful Wealthy People & How they Protect and Manage Their Money
    They Stay Wealthy for a Reason + 5 Characteristics of Billionaires I Have Worked For10:27
    Exercise #16: Protect Money Checklist0:37
  • Part 3 of 3: Make [MORE] Money (Ways to Make Your Money Work for You)
    Introduction to Making [MORE] Money: The What, Why & How of Part 3 of the Course10:11
    Exercise #17: The Damage that High Investment Fees Can do to Our Net Worth!4:21
    Make More by Learning How to Avoid Paying High Investment Fees10:23
  • Index Funds Examples
    An Example of a GREAT Index Fund Firm to Buy Financial Products from: “Vanguard”4:30
    Examples of Other ETFs to Buy Index Products From9:10
    Side Note: Outta Sight and Outta Mind1:52
  • Introduction to your Investment Portfolio Management System
    Managing Your Investments with Your Investment Portfolio Management System8:40
    Exercise 18: Populating Your Investment Portfolio Management System (meaning Your Portfolio)11:24
  • Make Money with Stocks
    Introduction to Investing in Stocks and 4 CRUCIAL Stock Investing Rules14:38
    Investment Data Basics (See SECTION A on Your Investment Portfolio Management System)9:41
    Your Ownership Amounts in Stocks and ETFs (See SECTION B on Your Invstmt Portfolio Mgmt Syst.)2:58
    Risk Management (See SECTION C on Your Invstmt Portfolio Mgmt Syst.)7:38
    Sector and Stock Drivers (See SECTION D on Your Invstmt Portfolio Mgmt Syst.)4:12
    Your Research (See SECTION E on Your Invstmt Portfolio Mgmt Syst.)12:44
    Add More Optional Data (See SECTION F on Your Invstmt Portfolio Mgmt Syst.)0:26
  • Stock Valuations, Mutual Funds & Warren Buffett’s Favorite Type of Investments
    Exercise #19: Stock Valuations16:58
    Mutual Funds3:48
    Side Note: What Are Warren Buffett’s Favorite Types of Investments?1:45
  • Make Money with Bonds & Commodities (& Understanding Interest Rates)
    Introduction to Interest Rates, Bonds and “The Bigger Picture”4:31
    Global Economics and Why this Matters to Personal Investors13:17
    Understanding Foreign Exchange Currency Movements8:08
    Bonds and How Can Governments Stimulate the Economy?10:25
    PART1 How do Bonds Work (With Real Corporate and International Government Examples) 19:40
    PART2 How do Bonds Work (With Real Corporate and International Government Examples)18:35
    Exercise #20: Adding Bond Investments to Your Portfolio5:54
    Investing in Commodities8:14
    Exercise #21: Adding Commodity Investments to Your Portfolio6:24
  • Make Money with Real Estate
    Introduction to Your Most Important Personal Investment & How Much Should You Spend on a House?13:38
    How Mortgages Work & How to Calculate Payments (Fixed Rates Versus Interest Only Rates & More)8:09
    Exercise 22: Mortgage Calculator3:55
    Investment Property: What You Need to Know if Considering Investment Properties12:03
    Investment Property: How Much Should You Spend on an Investment Property?3:09
    Exercise #23: Adding Real Estate Investment Trust Investments to Your Portfolio7:00
    Side Note: 4 Investment Categories to Consider Avoiding Given Liquidity Risks9:00
  • Make More with Diversification & Your Make Money Checklist
    Diversification Strategies and Your Diversified “Model Portfolio”13:41
    PART 1 Exercise #24: Diversification & Your Model Portfolio20:18
    PART 2 Exercise #24: Diversification & Your Model Portfolio3:32
    Exercise #25: Make Money Checklist0:42

Learn How to Save, Protect & Make More Money with an Award-Winning MBA Professor

Chris Haroun


Chris Haroun is an award winning business school professor, venture capitalist, MBA graduate from Columbia University and former Goldman Sachs employee. He has raised/managed over $1bn in his career. He also has work experience at hedge fund giant Citadel, consulting firm Accenture, and several firms that he has started, including an investment firm that had a venture capital / private investment in Facebook several years before the Facebook IPO. He is the founder and CEO of Haroun Education Ventures.

Chris is the author of 101 Crucial Lessons They Don't Teach You In Business School. Forbes recently called this book '1 of 6 books that all entrepreneurs must read right now'.

He is also the author of The Ultimate Practical Business Manual: Everything You Need to Know About Business (from Launching a Company to Taking it Public), and 10 other business books.

Chris is also a frequent guest lecturer at several Bay Area business schools including Berkeley and Stanford. He has written numerous articles and has been interviewed in Forbes, VentureBeat, Entrepreneur Magazine, Wired Magazine, AlleyWatch and Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) which is Hong Kong's oldest and sole public service broadcaster. He has his own entrepreneurship column in Inc. magazine.

He has an MBA in Finance from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Commerce Degree with a major in Management Information Systems and International Business from McGill University where he is a McGill University Dobson Fellow. He has founded several companies, including his most recent company, BusinessCareerCoaching and he serves on the boards of several Bay Area technology companies and charities and he lives in Hillsborough, California.


Hate it or love it, everybody has to have a firm grasp of personal finance. Struggling to wrap your head around how to manage your personal finances? Here's the course for you. This course operates on three pillars: Saving Money, Protecting Money, Making Money. With lessons on how to better manage and grow your finances, as well as a comprehensive Excel spreadsheet that contains more than 25 exercises to help you save, protect and make more money, this is the all-inclusive stop to putting your money on the right track.

  • Access 104 lectures & 12.5 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn how to analyze & significantly decrease your personal expenses
  • Discover more than 100 ways to help you save more money
  • Discuss tax filing, budgeting, investing in stocks & bonds, and more
  • Understand & improve your credit score
  • Explore wills, trusts, estate planning, mortgages, & more
  • Protect your family & possessions using insurance products


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