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The Last Amazon FBA Course: 2023 Private Label Guide
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Course Curriculum

356 Lessons (50h)

  • Your First Program
  • Amazon FBA Overview
    Welcome To The Last Amazon Course!10:20
    Why This Course is $112:18
    The #1 Reason Why You Will Fail (Statistically Speaking)11:02
    7 Failed Products in a Row! Lessons I Learned (8th did $6,000,000)17:11
    How much are other people making?3:25
    The Amazon Opportunity18:05
    Amazon A to Z15:46
    Product Research Overview1:54
    How to find a product that sells - Framework11:20
    Generating Ideas33:25
    Validate your ideas38:24
    How to find a supplier24:00
    Making Amazon and customers Happy22:01
    Launching your product successfully on Amazon23:35
    $100 to $3,000,000 in 3 years - EVERY STEP I DID35:38
    Other ways to make money!0:40
  • Product Research Overview
    Product Research Overview7:45
    What To Expect In The Product Research Section1:45
    Amazon Definitions & Fundamentals6:59
    How most people do it and why they are misguided7:45
    The Brock Johnson Methodology7:56
  • Winning Criteria - Product Research
    Product Research Roadmap1:30
    Consumer Needs10:47
    How can I add value and differentiate?15:35
    Example of Successful VALUE Added Products that are DIFFERENT6:31
    Why You Should be a Premium Product5:23
    Best Markets to Go Into: Under-Served7:09
    Do I have the resources to compete?14:03
    Barriers to entry10:06
    Competitive Advantage5:50
    Game Theory: Supply and Demand10:22
    Guarantee Success with Expected Value23:32
    Shipping & Lead Times4:44
    Lead Time and ROI as the solution for any Cashflow issue26:21
    Brand & Customer LTV12:07
    Amazon is Like Real Estate13:09
  • Finding Product Ideas - Product Research
    Overview of different types of methods of product research3:27
    Most Common Reasons Sellers Fail8:36
    Finding Markets with Unsatisfied Needs2:56
    What do people want? Evaluating Reviews in Bulk8:35
  • Finding Product Ideas - Keyword & Product Theory - Product Research
    Helium 10 Tour3:30
    Viral Launch Tour2:54
    Helium 10 Product Research Method Overview18:58
    How To Dig Into Niches with Black Box Cerebro and Magnet34:21
    How To Use REVERSE ASINs To Find the True Keywords of a Product14:51
    Biggest mistakes when choosing keywords4:21
    [VL Interview] Product Discovery + Market Intelligence12:24
    What product research is really like!27:37
    Take action!1:05
    Product Search Helium 10 - Black Box11:30
    Product Search Viral Launch - Product Discovery17:16
    Keyword Search Helium 10 - Black Box - Feat. Bradley From Helium 1014:16
    Keyword Search Viral Launch - Product Discovery21:30
    Looking for sellers you can crush as a beginner8:08
    Using advanced filters in Helium 10 and Viral Launch8:09
    The Opportunity & Danger of Seasonality5:21
  • Finding Product Ideas - Reverse Engineering - Product Research
    How To Spy on Competitor Listings To See Their Best Selling Products1:37
    Find Successful Brands with Viral Launch Brand Tool31:57
    Dig into Niches With Amazon Categories: Best Sellers & Most Wished for3:39
    See What Advanced Sellers Are Launching TODAY For Free4:09
    How To Get A List Of Your Competitors Failures and Learn From Them5:29
  • Finding Product Ideas - Creative Research Techniques
    Overview of Alternative Free Search Methods2:16
    Etsy & Other Marketplaces2:06
    Google Trends5:59
    Pinterest Visual Research + Shopify Unicorn Toilet Paper20:28
    Pinterest Niche Research - Wedding12:30
    Product Research with Kickstarter11:27
    Product Research - New Laws & Regulations3:37
    Native Amazon Search Methods - Amazon Launchpad + Movers & Shakers - Best Sellers3:39
    Organize FBA Product Research with Pinterest Boards1:52
    Relationships with Suppliers & Chinese Trade shows5:31
  • Pitfalls
    Pitfalls Overview4:29
    My Product Research Failures16:40
    [VL Interview] Common Product Research Failures15:22
    What is Hijacking?5:49
    WATCH OUT: Variation Listings Sales Estimates are Tricky7:55
    Analyzing a Market - Sales Distribution & Brand8:02
    Branded, Restricted and Gated Products17:39
    Patents, Trademarks & Copyright17:22
    Beware of Inventing a Product6:32
    Are You Afraid to Compete Against Amazon?3:16
    Liability and Certifications2:05
    Incorrect Sales Estimate from Product Research Tools5:27
    The Need for a Superior Product0:58
    Misguided by wrong examples of "Success"2:38
    Not Enough Resources to Compete3:52
    Not Taking into Account all Applicable Fees0:39
    Inventing what you want v.s. what the market wants1:00
  • Validation
    How to Validate Search Demand: Unicorn Toilet Paper10:29
    Validate Profitability - Fulfillment Fees Explained22:30
    How to Calculate Amazon FBA Fees4:36
    Do you have the money to fund your idea?11:47
    Try to Make an Avatar For Your Competitors5:17
    Analyze How Advanced Your Competitors Are32:20
    How to Decide if You Should Go Forward with Sourcing A Product10:39
    Product v.s. brand to start out. When to pivot3:17
    How to find PPC price of a product6:31
    How a Product Life Cycle affects your decision17:29
  • Sourcing Overview
    Overview of the sourcing section10:49
    Visual Overview of the Sourcing Process6:56
    Why you need a Good Supplier1:31
  • Finding a Supplier
    How to Get a Professional Email Address6:17
    Essential Tool for Communicating Your Needs To Your Supplier - Snaggit3:33
    How to create your Amazon Business Account7:27
    Alibaba Tour - Finding Your Manufacturer7:50
    Trading Company V.S. Factory EXPLAINED7:56
    How to spot a Trading Company V.S. Manufacturer2:09
    How to find USA Manufacturers12:11
    How to find the best suppliers on Alibaba17:16
    How To Know If Your Supplier is a Copy Cat / Fake2:52
    What Prices & Margins to Look For4:08
    Chinese Business Culture & How To Do Business3:56
    How To Speak W/ Manufacturers To Get Highest Quality and Best Price24:06
    Supplier Contact Template & How to modify it to your needs10:38
    Supplier Contact Template Example- How To Describe Your Customization Needs To Supplier15:38
    Communicating Customization Needs - Real Life Example - Brock Eclipse Goggles3:20
  • Supplier Validation
    Evaluating Suppliers Initial Responses - Good and Bad Examples19:31
    How to Order A Sample - What to Look For & Expect4:10
    Ordering Samples: How to Evaluate6:34
    How to Further Evaluate Factory via Inspection Company (Optional)2:22
    Verifying the suppliers certifications (Conditional)6:33
    How I Made Over $1,000,000 Extra by Paying Double The Price per Unit11:48
  • Negotiating
    Get the Chinese Price with 1688: Most People Do This Wrong7:23
    Things to Negotiate other than Price - The Process of Negotiation18:05
    Get Custom Packaging with Lower MoQ - Quick Tip2:49
    How to get lower MOQ3:39
    How much to order on your first order5:33
    Negotiation Process Summary1:40
  • Product Design
    Getting your Company Logo5:14
  • Product Packaging
    Product Packaging Overview - Everything Involved6:52
    Packaging - Amazon Requirements10:45
    Packaging - Your Requirements17:19
    Product Inserts13:55
    Product Instructions3:50
    Protective Packaging2:43
  • Before Sourcing - Business Fundamentals
    Insurance: General Liability10:01
    Trademarks - Should you get one?9:18
    Insurance Which to get & Where2:26
    General Store vs Niche1:41
  • Sourcing Information - Conditional/Advanced
    What's a sourcing agent and when to use one?2:02
    [Interview] Benefits of Using a Sourcing Agent4:08
    [Interview] How To Find A Sourcing Agent in less than 10 minutes10:28
    How To Improve Products By Sending Competitors Product To Supplier 8/172:06
    Custom packaging firms0:56
    Beware of Scammers in China3:19
  • Ordering
    When to pull the trigger?3:51
    Paying for your first Order4:39
    Checking up with your Supplier To Ensure Your Requirements Are Met1:27
    How To Open International Bank Account in Less Than 1 Hour FOR FREE3:05
    Send Payments Smarter - Increase Profits by 10% With OFX39:23
    Protect your Profits from Abroad - International Currency Hedging42:37
    Inspection Company Recommendation before paying final 70% of Order
  • Shipping
    Shipping terms and When to use a freight Forwarder with Flexport8:11
    How To Create A Shipping Plan For Amazon FBA: A to Z18:26
    Why You Need A Good Freight Forwarder2:11
    Sea Shipping Overview - Step By Step29:58
    Common Pitfalls With Freight Forwarders6:03
    Shipping Insurance2:28
    What Makes Flexport Unique5:14
  • What the Amazon Fulfillment Center is Like
    Emmanuel Intro14:14
    What Causes Shipments to Get Delayed? When is Your Product For Sale?14:11
    Returns and Amazon's Philosophy7:29
    What Happens If Your Product Gets Restricted4:28
    Liquidating and Destroying Products2:08
    What Happens To Destroyed Inventory in Amazon2:53
  • Listing Overview
    Doing Keyword Research With Cerebro: Reverse ASIN5:02
    Why You Don't Want To Be The Cheapest Price5:20
    How I Increased Profits 50% Over Night by Raising Prices4:24
    Hack: Fix Product Detail Page That Won't Update2:27
    [VL Interview] How Does The Amazon Search Algorithm Work?14:02
    [VL Interview] Conversion Rates, Review Rates, and Email Follow-ups9:05
  • Listing - Keyword Fundamentals
    Keywords: What Are They?7:28
    Keyword Indexing Definition, History and Future with Helium 108:52
    Why You Are Not Indexing? - Common Problems and Solutions4:32
  • Listing - Keyword Research
    Keyword Search Volume - Importance & changes8:45
    Keyword Research - Theory of the tactics of Analyzing and Prioritizing Keywords13:24
    Keyword Research - Gathering Keywords - Theory and Goals with Helium 1014:06
    Keyword Research with Magnet14:56
    Keyword Research Cerebro Overview5:27
    Cerebro - Keyword Research 1 ASIN15:38
    Keyword Research - Cerebro Multi ASIN13:39
    Cerebro - ADVANCED find which keywords your competitors run PPC search on13:38
    Helium 10 Keyword Tracker Overview13:09
  • Listing Keywords Like a Pro With Manny Coats
    Interview With Manny Coats: Who is he?5:31
    Best Way to Gather Keywords: Tips from Manny15:24
    How Manny Uses Magnet to Find Keywords: Manny's Methodology8:28
    How to Find Keywords with Cerebro and Magnet: Manny's Best Practices13:01
    Where Manny Put's His Keywords18:37
    The CPR Method of Launching a Product7:16
  • Writing Listing - Strategy
    Using Customer Reviews To Write Your Listing - Helium 10 Review Download + interview in depth23:50
    Step By Step - How To Use Helium 10's Keyword Tracker To Write Your Listing13:32
  • Listing - Tactical Writing
    A to Z How To Create A Product Listing50:25
    UPC Codes: Where Do I Buy Them?13:14
    Writing Your Listing with Frankenstine and Scribbles11:41
  • Listing - Troubleshooting
    Keyword Indexing - How to Check if Your Keyword is Indexed4:34
    SOLUTION - What To Do If Amazon Isnt Indexing Your Keyword5:04
    Expanding Internationally - Tips Tricks and Common Failures14:32
    How To Force Your Canonical URL7:00
  • Product Photography
    Photography Introduction - Why its the most important part of your listing
    Photography Companies we recommend1:15
    Product Photography Expert - Eric Rodriguez Founder of Virtous Graphics1:31
    Virtuous Graphics Intro - Anthony4:00
    Best Practices for Product Photography with Anthony7:30
  • Photography - Photo Types
    An Overview of Types of Images - Anthony7:21
    Amazon Photo Guidelines - Dos & Don'ts4:59
    Main Image - Purpose & Tips - 50% Sales increase Overnight with 1 Change3:28
    Main Image - Analyzing Main Images with Anthony10:10
    Main Image - Examples of What NOT TO DO1:57
  • Photography -Types of Images
    Image Type - Multiple Angle Shot1:41
    Image Type - The Ghost Lifestyle Image1:12
    Image Type - Transparent Lifestyle Photo for Hard To Describe Products1:19
    Image Type - 3D Rendering and Exploded Photos1:35
    Image Type - Info Graphics - Anthony11:01
    Image Type - Product Comparison Photo - Eric3:10
    Lifestyle Photography Examples and Best Practices - Anthony13:02
    Lifestyle Photography - Tips and How To Get Started with Erick From Virtuous Graphics8:04
    Good & Cheap Lifestyle Photos - Horse Head Example4:08
  • Photography - Photo Aspects
    Photo Aspect - Photo Angles and Point Of View Are Important3:19
    Photo Aspect - Color and Font Schemes4:09
    Photo Aspect - Using Real Life Comparisons For Size, Weight & Technical Specifications2:47
    Photo Aspect - Brand Your Product Photos4:29
    Stock Images and Photoshop - Anthony's Opinion5:12
    Stock Photo Websites we recommend2:33
    Prevent Negative Reviews and Returns With Your Product Photos2:23
  • Photography - Product Photographers and Pitfalls
    How To Choose a Photographer - Anthony6:23
    How To Communicate With a Photographer - Anthony7:35
    Common Mistakes Learned From Creation 2500 Listings - Anthony4:55
    Random Amazon Stats From Helping Other 2500 Clients - Anthony7:24
    How to Report Competitors Photos that violate Terms of Service2:06
    Special Offer From Virtous Graphics - Anthony Outro2:10
  • Photography - Amazon Video and Enhanced Brand Content
    Enhanced Brand Content - Eric6:46
    Enhanced Brand Content Examples6:17
    Amazon Video - Rules & Guidelines4:01
    Amazon Video with Anthony4:30
    Amazon Video - How to Add Product Video To Your Amazon Listing - Eric3:08
    Amazon Video - Add Videos WITHOUT Brand Registry - Amazon Video Shorts2:14
  • How To Launch Your Product
    Choosing Initial Price6:09
    [VL Interview] How to Properly Launch with Viral Launch8:18
    [VL Interview] Product Launch Failures: Common Reasons7:45
    How to Get Your First Reviews12:31
    WARNING - Facebook Review Groups: Proceed at Your Own Risk9:32
    Verified vs. Unverified Reviews9:23
    How to Prevent Negative Reviews Before They Happen
    How Long Does It Take For a Product To Get to The Amazon Warehouse?3:22
    I LOST $100,000 on Amazon Prime Day - SET UP MAX ORDER QUANTITY!4:50
    How To Make a 2 Step URL with Helium 10 Gems - Feat. Manny Coats9:21
    Using 2 Step URLS for Launching - Helium 10 Update
    Ultimate Keyword Hack - How To Rank Backend Keywords13:51
    Launch Services - Warning and Brock's Thoughts
    Relaunch Your Product - If And When6:49
    5 Ways to Liquidate Your Product6:31
    Be Careful When Responding to Customer Emails - Amazon Bots Will Get you Banned1:19
    Sales Low? How To Compare With VL4:39
  • Email Auto-Responders and Review Follow-Up
    Helium 10's Email Follow Up Tour - Feat. Bradley13:41
    Double Amazon FBA Product Reviews - Best Email Customer Feedback Techniques8:09
    How To Create The Best Looking Emails7:13
    What Can Get You Banned? - Best Practices For Email Sequences5:01
    Product Inserts - The Do's And Don't4:11
    Dealing With Negative Reviews11:34
    What Makes Feedback Whiz Unique10:22
  • PPC Overview
    PPC Overview Explained A to Z30:25
  • How To Create PPC Campaigns With Viral Launch CEO Casey Guass
    Why PPC is Important and Where its Going12:22
    How To Structure PPC Campaigns and Types of Campaigns to Run22:23
    How To See if Your Campaigns are Working9:14
    How Bid+ Works2:07
    How To Use Kinetic - Viral Launch's Powerful PPC Tool13:33
    Should You Do A Product Launch? Launch Services in 202010:27
  • How To Run Profitable PPC Campagins Like The Experts
    Interview With Sean & Taylor, PPC Experts: Who are They?2:17
    Why PPC Is Important2:45
    Overview of Biggest PPC Mistakes6:49
    The Most Important Criteria For Driving Sales With AMS0:48
    The Most Important Criteria For Driving Sales With PPC
    How To Structure Campaigns8:11
    How To Optimize Campaigns3:06
    Starting a Bid - Where Do I Start?2:39
    Where Do You Find Keywords?2:06
    How Many Keywords Should You Target When Starting a New Campaign?1:47
    Auto Campaigns - Should I Be Running Them?5:16
    What To Do If a Campaign Isn't Working Well5:33
    Advanced: Bid+2:20
    Negative Keywords6:58
    Where You Can Find Sean & Taylor6:31
  • Brand
    How To Set Up Your Wix Account7:02
    Where to Host a Website For Your Brand Overview6:05
    Scale Your Brand by Grabbing as Much Real Estate as Possible9:01
  • Business Fundamentals Overview
    The EASIEST way to MAKE MONEY - Everyone Should Do This1:51
    Ultimate Tax Guide - Everything You Need To Know About LLCs and S Corps2:29
    How to choose a business Name2:05
    Choosing Your Display Name Also Called Storefront name1:04
    Tips for Choosing Your Brand Name5:53
    Cool Tool To Help You Choose Your Brand Name2:21
    Examples of Bad Brand Names5:42
    Find Amazon Qualified Sellers with Jungle Market2:00
  • Business Fundamentals - Payments & Money Management
    How to pay people over-seas3:43
    High Yield Savings Account0:59
    How To LEGALLY NOT PAY TAXES & Get a 6% Loan from the Government2:25
  • Business Fundamentals - In Person Events
    Go to Guided Tour in China with Startup Bros3:34
    What is Helium 10 Elite - Bradley5:10
  • Outsourcing
    Online Jobs Intro - How Outsourcing Changed John Jonas' Life16:30
    Why John Created Online Jobs4:09
    How John Became a True CEO with Outsourcing to the Philippines7:13
    Why You Should Hire in the Philippines9:13
    John's Most Inspirational Story With Outsourcing To The Philippines4:22
    Where To Get Started When Outsourcing3:56
    Types of People You Can Find To Hire on Onlinejobs.ph1:51
    The True Cost of Outsourcing To The Philippines - Quality Work vs Wages2:33
    How to Make a Job Posting on Online Jobs21:07
    80% Hiring Success Rate Strategy - John's Personal Recruiting Process18:31
    The Importance of Communication with Your Virtual Assistants2:42
    How John Sets Up Test Projects for His Recruiting Process1:15
    Time Tracking - Should You Track Your Employee's Time?2:54
    How to Train Your Virtual Assistants7:06
    How To Scale and Go Beyond 1 Virtual Assistant7:29
    How To Let Go of People (If Absolutely Necessary)5:33
    Q&A - Tools and Software John Uses To Manage His Team11:02
    John's Final Word with Outsourcing to The Philippines1:50
  • Defense & Maintenance
    Amazon Suspension - What I've Learned & Template for Reinstatement17:15
    About to Run Out of Stock?: Failure+ Success Examples + Best Practices11:26
    Out of Stock? How Long It Takes To Recover3:28
    Hijacker Removal with Test Buy: How My Friend Lost $50,00010:43
    Remove HIJACKERS in LESS THAN 12 Hours with Trademark8:28
    How To Remove Hijackers WITHOUT a Trademark: Cease & Desist11:29
  • Scaling
    How To Open Up a second seller account9:10
  • Reimbursements
    Getida - Best Reimbursement Service We Recommend6:35
    An Overview of The Types of Reimbursements + Refund Genie13:54
    Reimbursement Type: Customer Never Returned The Product36:31
    Reimbursement Type: Damaged Returns or Missing Parts8:10
    Reimbursement Type: Damaged by Fulfillment Center (FC) or By Carrier15:05
    Reimbursement Type: Disposed Inventory6:34
    Making Sure You Get The Correct Reimbursement Amount1:35
  • Legal & Taxes Overview With Master of Law, Paul Rafelson
    Legal and Tax Overview With Paul Rafelson6:49
    Business Entity Structure8:33
    Creating Your Business - Step by Step5:08
    When Should You File a Business8:11
    Which State To File In & Why Its Important9:39
    How To File a Business If You're in a Different Country9:00
    What To Do If You Setup Your Business Wrong2:06
    Corporate Veil6:18
    Taxes Every Amazon Seller Should Be Aware of1:59
    State Sales Tax14:09
    Taxes for International Sellers6:23
    Who You Should Take Tax Advice From10:00
  • Trademark, Copyright and Laws To Be Aware Of
    Required Annual Meeting3:41
    Prop 65 - Is It Enforceable Against Amazon Sellers2:53
    Intellectual Property and Amazon - How It Works4:11
    Filing Your Own Trademark v.s. Using a Professional8:21
    Fastest route to Brand Registry - How to get International Trademark in 6 Weeks10:56
    Marketplace vs Shopify - What Are The Different Legal Implications3:40
    Why Copyright is The Best and Most Overlooked IP5:53
  • Asset Protection
    What Is Asset Protection and Why Is It Important?8:39
    Types of Asset Protection8:24
    Asset Protection - When LLCs Fail9:38
    Why You Should Hold All Your Intellectual Property in a Holding Company7:48
    Should You Hold Your Patents and Trademarks in Separate Entities?3:10

The Last Amazon FBA Course: 2023 Private Label Guide

Brock Johnson

Brock Johnson | 7-Figure Amazon Seller | E-commerce Expert | Tech Entrepreneur

4.1/5 Instructor Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

Brock is an entrepreneur who knows what it takes to succeed in business and to be your own boss. He has been selling on the internet since he was 12 years old. In 2014, he started selling on Amazon with a $100 investment and in 2017, he sold $6,000,000 on Amazon with his Private Label Solar Eclipse brand in only 6 months! His real-world entrepreneurial experience is what makes him the ideal teacher for those who wish to start their own online business.

Brock has been featured in dozens of interviews & podcasts. In 2018 he created The Last Amazon Course teaching 12,000 students in 111 countries to date. Today's competitive global marketplace requires entrepreneurs to create a business that is unique, valuable, and remarkable. No one knows this better — and no one can teach this better — than Brock Johnson.


Are you ready to take your career to the next level? In this course, you will learn everything you need to know about how to sell on Amazon — from finding, sourcing, and selling your first product to scaling to 6 and 7 figures. This course covers all of the important topics that multi-million dollar instructor Brock Johnson has applied to start his business and sell over $ 8,000,000 on Amazon. It teaches you the step-by-step guide on how to succeed on Amazon as well as the fundamental frameworks which are also applicable across most eCommerce businesses.

4.6/5 average rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

  • Access 356 lectures & 50 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn proven strategies to launch, sell & grow private label products on Amazon FBA
  • Find profitable product ideas in markets with low competition & high demand
  • Know the exact criteria 7-figure sellers use to validate your product are
  • Know where to find the best manufacturers & how to talk to them
  • Properly label & ship your products to the Amazon FBA warehouses
  • Rank your product at the top of the Amazon search for your desired keywords

"Great content, Brock has a great depth of knowledge about Amazon FBA and he has a good connection with other key players in this space who have also contributed their skills and knowledge to the whole course." – Adedeji Olunaike


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  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
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