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136 Lessons (17h)

  • Your First Program
  • Introduction to the AWS Solutions Architect Associate course
  • Chapter 1: AWS Cloud Services Overview
    Cloud Computing Defined8:12
    Benefits of Cloud Computing9:35
    Cloud Computing Models6:36
    Services, Part 110:02
    Services, Part 27:41
    Security and Compliance6:46
    Regions and Availability6:30
  • Chapter 2: AWS Storage Design
    Storage Services6:36
    S3 Storage Class7:26
    S3 Terminology9:29
    S3 Advanced Features7:53
    Creating S3 Buckets Lab8:20
    S3 Bucket Properties8:09
    S3 Managing Objects Lab11:17
    Setting up a Glacier Vault Lab8:01
    Elastic Block Store (EBS)7:43
    Creating EBS Volumes Lab7:29
    Elastic File System (EFS)7:01
    Creating an EFS File System Lab7:27
    Integrating On-Premises Storage6:52
    Storage Access Security Lab9:57
    Storage Performance8:22
  • Chapter 3: Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
    Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Overview9:58
    Creating a VPC Lab10:56
    Configuring DHCP Options Lab4:28
    Elastic IP Addresses (EIPs)6:41
    Elastic Network Interfaces (ENIs)4:56
    VPC Peering7:52
    Creating a VPC Peering Connection Lab9:12
    Security Groups Overview6:37
    Network Address Translation (NAT)10:37
    Gateways (VPGs and CGWs)8:07
  • Chapter 4: Compute Services Design
    EC2 Overview11:16
    EC2 Instance Types9:22
    EC2 Pricing13:27
    EBS and EC25:27
  • Chapter 5: Compute Services Implementation
    Launching an EC2 Linux Instance Lab12:53
    Configuring an EC2 Linux Instance Lab8:23
    Setting up an EC2 Windows Instance Lab12:00
    Shared Tenancy5:08
    Dedicated Hosts7:54
    Dedicated Instances5:53
    AMI Virtualization12:10
  • Chapter 6: Compute Services Management
    Instance Management9:30
    Connecting to Instances Lab8:40
    Working with Security Groups10:05
    Working with Security Groups Lab10:14
    Elastic Container Service (ECS)8:32
    Elastic Beanstalk Environment11:16
  • Chapter 7: Identity and Access Management (IAM)
    Identity and Access Management (IAM) Overview7:13
    Root User6:15
    Authorization Policies12:39
    Multi-Factor Authentication7:55
    Key Rotation9:43
    Multiple Permissions6:18
    AWS Compliance Program6:58
    Shared Responsibility Model6:21
  • Chapter 8: IAM Best Practices
    User Accounts11:26
    Password Policies9:09
    Credential Rotation5:47
    Principle of Least Privilege5:11
    IAM Roles8:19
    Policy Conditions8:22
  • Chapter 9 - Auto Scaling Solutions
    Auto Scaling Overview6:03
    Auto Scaling Groups4:08
    Termination Policies6:47
    Auto Scaling Configuration Lab12:35
    Launch Methods4:14
    Load Balancer Concepts8:15
    Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)9:40
  • Chapter 10 - Virtual Network Services
    Configuring Route 53 Lab6:56
    Configuring DNS Lab13:05
    Configuring ACLs and NACLs Lab9:24
    Flow Logs6:57
  • Chapter 11 - AWS Application Deployment
    Application and Deployment Services4:29
    APO Gateway8:59
    Kinesis Data Streams and Firehose5:37
    Kinesis Data Analytics4:04
    Reference Architectures5:36
    Web Application Firewall (WAF)7:15
    Simple Queue Service (SQS)9:39
    Simple Notification Service (SNS)7:48
    Simple Workflow (SWF)6:56
    Step Functions4:02
    Elastic MapReduce (EMR)5:27
    Trusted Advisor5:16
  • Chapter 12 - AWS Database Design
    Database Types8:09
    Relational Databases7:54
    Database Hosting Methods4:41
    High Availability Solutions6:12
    Scalability Solutions4:47
    Database Security8:06
  • Chapter 13 - Database Deployment
    DynamoDB Tables Lab8:32
    MySQL Lab13:26
    Configuration Lab12:58
    Backups Lab4:13
    Restore Lab4:26
    Snapshot Lab7:49
    Monitoring Lab5:53
  • Chapter 14 - Additional AWS Services
    Media Content Delivery13:11
    Desktop & Appstreaming5:50
    Security Services Lab12:33
    Analytics Engines11:02
    Development Operations (DevOps)12:21
  • Chapter 15 - Operational Excellence with AWS
    The Operational Excellence Process8:17
    Widget Makers Scenario6:33
    Resilient Design7:49
    Resilient Design Scenario5:02
    Performant Design9:17
    Performant Design Scenario6:07
    Secure Design8:09
    Secure Design Scenario5:16
    Cost Optimization6:51
    Cost Optimization Scenario5:08
    General Best Practices8:10

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  • Access 136 lectures & 17 hours of content 24/7
  • Design resilient architectures
  • Define performant architectures
  • Specify secure applications & architectures
  • Design cost-optimized architectures
  • Define operationally excellent architectures


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